Moving into the HEART of Permacultre


A Permaculture workshop retreat at Greyton EcoLodge

presented by Tim Wigley 

This course is for anyone wanting to learn more about Permaculture principles and methods which you can use at home or on larger properties, homesteads and farms.

The course is stimulating and engaging; whilst the focus is on Permaculture, Tim introduces other disciplines that also seek to work with Nature and which underline eco- system-processes. He feels it is imperative that we move beyond the current narrow definition of organic.

Buddhist teacher Thanissara – Dharmagiri Buddhist Retreat Centre KZN, invited Tim to run a course there last year, says of our situation today:-

“We are in a challenge so great, a revolution so profound, that everything has to be re-examined, overturned, and reconfigured, at quantum speed.”

During the course Tim gives time to discuss the larger global picture… how unimpeded mining, the oil industry, industrial farming, factories spilling waste… are some of the reasons for our current catastrophic species loss, our dying oceans and the millions of kilograms of topsoil being lost through industrial farming. The climate chaos we are experiencing is a direct result of our extractive relationship with the Earth/Gaia.



How do we respond to the urgent call of our times?

Professor Jem Bendell asks us to consider that climate chaos could be understood as an “unfolding tragedy” rather than as a problem that can be fixed and made to go away. While numbing fear and distress are a legitimate response to this tragedy, Tim’s message is that we can only cope with this global catastrophe if we can learn to work with Nature, to start the process of respecting and restoring our land so that Nature is given the chance to flex her mighty capacity for restoration.

This can only be done by us supporting the restoration of plant diversity and soil cover; simply stated, this is not difficult, it is something we can all do.


So this retreat is designed to help us explore “a way through the woods” by reconnecting with the natural world, by falling in love with Nature.

As we enrich our soil, we enrich our soul connection with the natural world – the one feeds the other. By doing this we are serving the ‘community of life’ and the natural world initiates the healing of our psyches.

In Tim’s words …My aim in these courses is to transmit the experience of living with a conscious realisation of how we can so easily cooperate with nature, and how literally life-giving this cooperative relationship can become.

When we are able to live in this life-enhancing way, able to sustain ourselves without harming the planet – I mean that literally, to live without harm – then life becomes a celebration.


23 APRIL-2 MAY 2021

Arrive any time after midday on the 23rd April at the Ecolodge to relax before a light supper at 6:00 pm.
Tim introduces the course at 7.00pm


The course will take place at the Greyton EcoLodge
36 Park Street Greyton

Students staying at the Ecolodge: R1000 per person
Students staying off site: R1500 per person (includes lunch and refreshments for the duration of the course)

Kindly note – Tim’s teaching fee is on a donation basis, the above prices cover the running costs so you can pay what feels right for you / what you can afford towards the teaching fee

Accommodation Rates at the EcoLodge for the duration of the course
including breakfast, lunch, dinner and all refreshments
Private room : R3960 – Single occupancy
Private room : R5760 – Double occupancy
Dorm room : R2970



Janet Richards – 072 6267052

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